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Gatta Women's Socks

An absolute basic in every wardrobe - socks. They accompany us throughout the day and must be correspondingly robust. At the same time, they should match the respective outfit, the shoes and the style of the wearer as a whole. Among the Gatta women's socks that we have put together for you, you will find a number of different models that are suitable for almost every occasion and every temperature. The soft women's socks are very comfortable and hug your feet perfectly. Ankle-high socks, booties for ballerinas and espadrilles or elegant overknees that also look great in combination with high heels: you will find exactly the right thing in the Gatta Shop!

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Various Gatta women's socks for office and leisure

Our range includes high-quality Gatta socks made of bamboo in different colors such as black, white or beige. These can be easily combined with many different outfits and are perfect for everyday life. In the office or in your free time - the bamboo socks convince with their soft material and flat seams, which ensures a high level of comfort.

For example, the Gatta women's socks with graduated compression along the shaft are ideal for longer car or air trips and for tiring work while standing or sitting. These support the blood circulation in the legs and prevent blood deposits in the lower foot area. If you want to combine comfortable ankle-high socks with a particularly beautiful look, the mesh socks are the right model. The transparent socks with jacquard mesh go well with casual as well as more elegant looks. With these beautifully patterned ladies' socks you wear a real eye-catcher!

Women's sneakers for the summer

For the summer, when ballerinas or espadrilles are preferred again, the women's socks are ideal. They are not noticeable and at the same time offer great comfort. In the heel area they have an extra padding that strengthens the socks. Long days when you are on your feet all the time will be more comfortable for you and your socks will be better protected. Just like the other models, the ladies' socks are available in different colors and with beautiful patterns, for example with lace and a floral pattern that looks playful without sacrificing comfort.

Gatta Knee Socks

Would you prefer something a bit more conspicuous and - especially in winter - warmer? Then you should reach for the knee socks. In addition to the Gatta women's socks with compression, which are the ideal choice for longer trips, you will also find sexy fishnet knee socks in our range that conjure up particularly beautiful legs and round off your elegant look. The transparent stockings are just as comfortable to wear as the other socks that you can buy in our online shop. A material mix of polyamide and elastane ensures that the knee socks hug your legs exactly. They do not cause any pressure points. A wide waistband is not only the perfect finish visually - it even enhances the beautiful feeling on your skin.

Warm Overknees for colder days

Especially in autumn and winter, when it gets colder, the overknees are an excellent alternative. The Keep Hot Overknees made from MIYABI are heat-insulating and ensure that you don't get cold even in freezing temperatures. They are elastic and adapt perfectly to the shape of your legs. MIYABI yarn is an innovative blend of polyacrylic and natural viscose that feels similar to cotton. An elegant look, high level of comfort and - compared to cotton - even better resistance to pilling, the unsightly build-up of lint and knots: the overknees impress with their properties.

Order soft women's socks from Gatta right away! Do you have any questions about the individual products or the ordering process and delivery? Contact us, we are pleased to help you.