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Men's fashion from Gatta: socks, underwear and more

In our online shop you will find a large range of men's fashion from Gatta, from elegant socks and stockings to functional sportswear and comfortable underwear. You can easily order all items online from us - your delivery will arrive in a few days.

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Gatta men's fashion with high quality

All Gatta men's fashion products are made with high quality materials and innovative production technologies. The brand stands for consistently high quality and excellent wearing comfort. Special material compositions, for example with copper particles or Miyabi, a micro-acrylic yarn, ensure that the garments have particularly good properties. Gatta is constantly developing new ways of making clothing particularly comfortable and very chic, as well as picking up on current trends.

Men's socks from Gatta: for dress shoes and sneakers

Socks and sneakers are an important part of almost every outfit. Whether elegant stockings with a checked pattern or fine embroidery for business outfits and suits or sporty sneaker socks for casual styles as well as sports outfits - our range of Gatta men's socks has the right pair for every occasion. The socks are made of high quality materials such as cotton or bamboo. Some models also have a special structure and material composition that greatly reduces the formation of bacteria and odors. The men's socks and stockings are very soft and comfortable. They also offer you an optimal skin feel.

Gatta undershirts and boxer shorts

When a man is on the go all day - with a suit at work or in casual clothing during leisure time - comfortable underwear is a must. It feels good on the skin and offers the wearer great comfort even on stressful days. The Gatta undershirts and boxer shorts are largely made of cotton, so they are soft and cuddly on the skin and have a natural breathable function. The men's undershirts do not stand out under the shirt and are therefore an ideal basic for everyday life.

Sportswear for men: functional underwear from Gatta

In summer or winter - the right sportswear is indispensable when running, cycling, hiking, skiing or snowboarding. In our online shop, for example, you can get thermal functional underwear from Gatta, which will keep you warm in the colder seasons. The T-shirts, undershirts and leggings of the new Fitness and Runner collection are suitable for every temperature, indoor and outdoor. These are made of the innovative material Nilit® Breeze and, in addition to excellent breathability, also have very good thermal properties and protect against overheating and cold alike. With the functional sports jacket from Gatta you are ideally equipped for sport and leisure. The jacket is close to the body and a two-layer system ensures a good microclimate between skin and jacket.
In addition to functional underwear, we can provide you with other items such as ski socks, tube scarves and ski masks for your next winter sports and outdoor activities. This protects you from cooling down while being comfortable to wear.

Men's fashion in the Gatta shop - compare and order now

You can easily browse, compare and order our articles online. With our comparison function, you can see at a glance which advantages the respective products offer you, so you can easily make your decision. Your order will arrive within a few days and you will benefit from the high quality of Gatta men's fashion.
Do you have any questions about our products or the ordering process? We are happy to help you - contact us!