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Gatta Leggings for elegant and stylish legs

After an initial boom in the 1980s, leggings were only found in very few wardrobes for a while. Meanwhile the trend is back - and the comfortable garments are an absolutely practical companion for everyday life as well as for chic occasions. In our shop you will find high quality Gatta leggings in different styles and colors, with or without a pattern. Here are the right leggings for everyone. Discover our selection and order online in the Gatta Shop!

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Gatta leggings: classic or patterned

The chic Gatta leggings are available in our shop in different versions. The classic black or gray women's leggings simply fit in every situation and give your outfit the finishing touch. Whether under a dress or skirt or instead of trousers with an oversized shirt - the leggings can be combined in many different ways. You can also find leggings in bright, striking colors in the Gatta Shop. How about, for example, purple leggings that immediately catch the eye?

We also offer a selection of leggings with patterns, with which you can easily put together your own personal look. The patterned Gatta leggings are available with a sexy vintage pattern, in a camouflage look or with an animal print.

Opaque and comfortable leggings

The opaque leggings all convince with their high quality and good workmanship. They consist of a combination of polyamide and elastane (Lycra) and nestle against your legs like a second skin. Some of the models also have a buttocks push-up effect that lifts the buttocks a little and models the figure. The versions with trouser pockets are also particularly practical. Proper care is necessary to ensure that women's leggings retain their high quality for a long time. As a rule, leggings can only be hand washed. Likewise, detergents containing bleach should not be used. If you have any questions about the right care, we will of course be happy to help.

Sporty Women's Leggings

Leggings are also an absolute must-have in sports and fitness. The leggings are comfortable and also convince with other excellent properties. For example, they are breathable and quick-drying and can regulate heat. Especially for the autumn and winter months, when it gets dark earlier, practical reflective elements are incorporated into the leggings so that you can be seen better. The NILIT Breeze technology ensures a comfortable body temperature and fast moisture transport. Thanks to an ergonomic fit and flat seams, the comfortable leggings from Gatta are the ideal companion for your sporting activities - whether running, walking, fitness or yoga.

Comfortable Leggings for pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mother-to-be's body changes continuously. The more your belly grows, the more difficult it becomes to find suitable - and above all comfortable - leggings. This is not a problem with the Gatta Body Protect series: The panty section, for which the elastane yarn Lycra Soft Comfort is used, has a special structure that allows the leggings to carefully support the lower area of ​​the baby bump without pressing on it. In addition, a reinforcement in the lumbar area ensures that the back muscles are also relieved. The panty part expands together with the belly thanks to a rounded gusset, so that you can wear the Gatta leggings during the entire pregnancy.

Order your new leggings in the Gatta Shop now! If you have any questions about the various products, about maintenance or ordering, you can simply contact our service team. We're here to help.